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We’d all love an audio visual system that complements our lifestyle, and we recognise your system will be as individual as you are.  This vital first phase helps us to all ‘get on the same page’, both with what you hope your audio visual system will deliver, and also with any broader building or renovation work you might be undertaking.  It is also important at this early stage that we check that we will be able to design a system that delivers the functionality and quality you desire, that can be implemented in accordance with your schedule and budget.

This is also a great time to explore some options, and show you some things you might not have heard of before.  Naturally, this process usually takes a little time, and its common to have your project evolve or change significantly new possibilities are explored.  We strongly encourage anyone undertaking a larger project to start thinking about it early for this reason!  It is also for this reason we ask that a modest deposit be made as an act of good faith.

During this phase, some specific things we’ll cover include:

·         Is it an audio, video or audio & video project?

·         Is it a new home, renovation or retro fit?

·         Will it be focussed on one room, several rooms or throughout your whole house?

·         Will you be looking to incorporate your audio visual equipment into a home automation system?

·         Do you have existing equipment or systems you wish to reuse?

·         What budget and time line are you working to?

·         What stage is any building work up to, what materials and construction methods are being used?

At the conclusion of this phase, we will have agreed with you the broad outline of your system, including the core technologies and methods to be used, the rooms or areas of the house to be serviced and the rough schedule for the remainder of the project.



With any more significant installation, a number of provisions need to be made during building construction in order to meet the power and audio visual distribution requirements.  Similarly, concealed speakers, sensors and controllers need to be planned for, particularly if they are to be mounted in-wall or in-ceiling. 

The final details of course are dependent on building plans being finalised, the audio visual system design being finalised and the equipment selected.  This phase is where these tasks occur, and also where the first work on your audio visual system takes place on your property.

Once the detailed design and core equipment list are complete, we can install cable throughout your property in what we call a ‘pre-wire’.  Doing this work at the right stage of the building process gives us better access to wall cavities and ceiling spaces, which saves time and money, ensures a high quality finish and can help us to allow for future changes or expansion. 

Whilst there is usually still some room to change your mind about some smaller aspects of the overall design, at this stage we would normally consider the design phase complete.  Once any building work has been completed and we have access to the property, we can complete the installation in the final step.


As we are able to offer the full service instore, we can offer a building lay-by term of 3-9 months with a 30% deposit, then we can store the goods long term during the building process.

The benefits of our building lay-by are being able to lock in the price of the goods on the spot. If there is any automation in the job then we are able to cut down programming hours as we will have the stock on hand to get it setup before install.



Now your renovation or building project is complete, we need to finish off the audio visual installation.  This means ‘fitting-off’ electrical and audio visual cables, putting in wall plates, mounting speakers and display panels, and installing control units.  We also have all the equipment on site at this point so we can correctly locate it and connect it all up.

Once all the physical devices are connected, there’s still work to do to programme various devices.  This can range from tuning your TV programming some fairly sophisticated equipment so that it all works together seamlessly and easily.  As you’ll appreciate, the more components and devices you are integrating, the more work that is involved to get it all working smoothly.

Once programming has been done, it all needs to be tested to ensure your experience will be just as you’d always hoped.  After we’ve tested everything, we’ll go through it all with you so that you can feel comfortable and ‘in control’.  Should you find glitches this is the time for us to iron them out.  If you would like small changes to the way things work, these can usually be accommodated easily.

Once we’ve handed the system over to you, our work on site is complete and all that’s left is for you to sit back and enjoy!