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SUB 600

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The new Sub 600 brings true Dynaudio sound quality and real deep bass to any Home Cinema or Music system.

A high performance subwoofer is an absolute must for any advanced loudspeaker system to allow one to hear as well as feel the deepest bass notes and natural sound effects.
The Dynaudio Sub 600 brings true Dynaudio sound quality to any Home Cinema or Music system and is available in 7 different finishes to complement the various Dynaudio speaker ranges.

The Dynaudio Sub 600 is the most advanced Dynaudio subwoofer available. With its high-performance 300 Watt amplifier and large 30 cm / 12" woofer, the Sub 600 provides serious weight, authority and power for ambitious home theaters, yet remains precise, fast and musical to fully meet the demands of any audiophile hi-fi system.

The sealed enclosure cabinet design and forward firing woofer offer remarkable bass precision while making the Sub 600 relatively easy to position in any room.

Dynaudio Sub 600 Dynaudio Sub 600

Proprietary Dynaudio technology

As a true Dynaudio product it incorporates exclusive Dynaudio driver technology: A light yet rigid Magnesium Silicate Polymer diaphragm, an extra large and extremely powerful double magnet assembly and an ultra-rigid die-cast aluminum driver basket ensure a precise and detailed reproduction of both music and sound effects, while the large, extra-long voice coil and long-throw driver design result in a powerful and deep low frequency performance extending down to 18 Hz.
Critical to the success of any subwoofer-enhanced system is its ability to precisely integrate with the main speakers. The utilization of the distinctive Dynaudio driver technology in the Sub 600 makes system integration with Dynaudio floorstanding and compact loudspeakers especially easy, as each features the same MSP diaphragms - thus sharing the authentic, natural sound reproduction which guarantees a seamless sound integration in the upper bass.

Advanced amplifier electronics

The latest Dynaudio amplifier technology is mated to the exceptionally large woofer of the Sub 600. Delivering 300 Watt output power, the amplifier circuit features select components and was developed in collaboration with the Dynaudio Professional team, itself responsible for some of the finest active monitor speakers available in the studio market. In addition to the high quality and performance, the amplifier circuit incorporates a selectable Auto on-off function, variable gain setting, a variable Low-Pass Filter (50 Hz to 150 Hz), and a selectable phase switch (0º or 180º). The signal can be fed from an AV Receiver's subwoofer or LFE output into the Sub 600's LFE input (1 x RCA), or from a Stereo Amplifier's Pre-Out into the Sub 600's Sat/Sub stereo input (2 x RCA).

A selectable High-pass Filter (Flat, 60 Hz, or 80 Hz) enables the Sat/Sub input to facilitate a seamless crossover integration between the main speakers and the Sub 600. Incorporating a subwoofer to augment the low frequency performance of any stereo or multi-channel loudspeaker system offers an additional benefit: by reducing the strain on the speakers in terms of reproducing extreme bass information, the overall quality of lower midrange frequencies and the overall soundstage reproduction can be greatly improved.
The Sub 600 is also eco-friendly when not in use, as its standby power consumption is less than 0.5 Watt, while a hard on/off power switch is featured on the back panel.

Multiple Subwoofers for advanced setups

The included Slave function allows one or more additional Sub 600s to be connected to the first, or “Master” Sub 600 for advanced Dual-Sub or Multi-Sub systems. Incorporating dual or multiple subwoofers in a system makes it possible to balance out the unavoidable bass nodes one would typically experience through utilizing a single subwoofer in any given room. Bass notes become less directional, and dynamic headroom is increased, even at extremely high sound pressure levels.

Excellent cabinet construction and a remarkable wide choice of finishes

The nearly cubic shape and the highly rigid cabinet construction serve to reduce resonance to an absolute minimum. With a choice of Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Rosewood, or Black Ash real wood veneer, as well as Gloss White or Black Piano Lacquer finishes, the Dynaudio Sub 600 will match any Dynaudio loudspeaker and easily integrate into any room or décor. The Dynaudio Sub 600 – a perfect match to any Dynaudio speaker system, providing a truly emotional experience and authentic Dynaudio sound quality with a deep bass you can not only hear but also feel throughout your body.

Amplifier Power: 300 W
Frequency Response: 18 Hz – 250 Hz
High Frequency Limit: 50 – 250 Hz (Sub input), 150 Hz (LFE input)
High Pass Filter: Flat, 60, 80 Hz
Phase Adjustment: 0°, 180°
Input: RCA
Input Impedance: 10 k&Ohms
Bass Principle: Closed box
Maximum Power Consumption: 325 W
Standby Power Consumption: < 0,5 W
Mains Voltage: 100V – 240V 50 Hz/60 Hz
Weight: 21 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 350 x 370 x 420 mm

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