Naturally, our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law and we endorse these guarantees. However, there are conditions within the Law that protect both you and us as a provider of goods and services.

However, if you experience any sort of problem, we simply encourage you to call us as soon as you can so that we can help with a prompt solution. The following is an outline of the Denis White A2V Warranty, Returns & Refund Policy.

1. Dead on Arrival Or Less Than 30 Days Old

It's rare, but does happen occasionally. An item is delivered and doesn’t appear to work correctly, or stops working within the first 30 days. First, please go through the 'trouble shooting' list and check everthing - especially that it is plugged into the AC Power and the switch is on! The 'trouble shooting' list is found at the back of most Instruction Manuals.

If you have done this and are still confident that the product is faulty, please email or call us on (08) 8357 7222 during business hours - 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday  excluding Public Holidays - to report and for us to advise a solution including how to return the goods if deemed necessary.  If we cannot resolve the problem over the phone, you will need to return the item to either (1) the nearest authorised Service Agent if you live more than 100kms from our Ringwood Showroom or (2) return the item to our Ringwood showroom but you will need an RMA - Return Materials Authorisation. Products must be complete and in as new condition, including, if supplied all internal and external packaging, accessories, cables, instruction manuals, CD’s etc for that product along with a copy of your receipt. Note, these are all a part of your purchase and must be returned.

If the fault is confirmed (must be by authorised Service Agent) as a "major fault" not caused by you, we will immediately arrange a replacement or refund if no replacement is available. If product is not in stock we will offer an equivalent or better at no extra charge. If it is a "minor fault" not caused by you, then you are entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced but not a refund. Denis White A2V will reimburse you for any reasonable postage/freight costs that we authorise prior to the return of the goods. Goods in your possesion for over 30 days must be returned to us or the nearest service agent and at your cost. 

Extremely Important!

Under no circumstances send any goods back to us without first obtaining an RMA - Return Materials Authorisation. Include the name of the Denis White representative who has authorised the return on paperwork that includes your name, address and a brief summary of the problem. We will not be held responsible for freight costs on goods arriving without an RMA or via a non-approved courier. Goods must be returned by Australia Post Satchel or our nominated/authorised Courier/Transport company which is why we ask you to contact us first. 

2. Damaged on Arrival

Any products received damaged on arrival will be replaced with new. If at all possible, claims for damaged goods should be made within 24 hours from when you took possesion. We will need to evaluate the validity of the damage claim upon the products return. Please contact us via email or phone.

3. No Fault Found

If the goods are found to be in working condition and not faulty as described, we will then contact you to advise our findings. The goods will then be returned with a small service charge plus an amount for freight costs in both directions.

4. Goods Not Suitable for Intended Purpose

Denis White A2v will also, solely at our decision, accept product returns and provide you with an exchange voucher, refund or repair within 30 days from date of purchase where: (1) If the product is not of saleable quality, we will offer an exchange or refund, providing you return it to us in the condition we sold it and have not damaged it by misuse or abuse. (2) The product does not meet an implied  condition - in other words we said it would do certain things and it doesn't - so is not suitable for its intended purpose. There are exceptions here and we follow the guidelines set down as per the South AUstralian Consumer Affairs web site - click here. You are entitled to an exchange, credit or full refund if we said it had a headphone socket and it doesn't; we said it would play all types of CDs or All Region DVDs and it doesn't. Here are some examples where we won't accept product returns: The amplifier should go louder than you thought, but is within specification; the item should sound better than you thought, you find the headphones uncomfortable, are using the goods for a purpose that it was not designed to do. In these cases where the goods are not faulty and do meet an implied condition, but you are dissatisfied with the performance we maydecide, again at our discretion, to accept the goods back for an exchange voucher (Credit Note) to be used in purchasing goods of equal or greater value or refund, but this will be less any freight/handling expenses incurred by us in getting the goods to you and will attract a 20% to 25% restocking fee. (3) The product does not match the sample of our description.

Please note, in the case of electronic products Denis White A2V may elect to return the product to the manufacturer's Service Agent to determine/verify the nature of any problem. 

The warranty offered is in addition to other rights and remedies offered under Australian consumer law.

5. Package Deals

If you seek a refund for any item purchased as part of a 'bundle' or 'package' Denis White A2V will refund the price in accordance with deal eligibility. No refund will be given on free items and any refund amount may be recalculated if your return results in 'bundle' or 'package' eligibility no longer being met.

6. Conditions

You must present your Denis White A2V Invoice or register receipt or other adequate proof of purchase such as bank or credit card statement if requested by us. If you cannot present your Denis White A2V Invoice, register receipt or other acceptable proof of purchase, Denis White A2V reserves the right not to offer a refund or exchange. Denis White A2V will be happy to refer you to the manufacturer's customer service hotline for assistance with operating difficulties or product repairs. All returned Goods must have a Returned Materials Authority (RMA) issued by us to you and a copy or reference number must be enclosed with the product.

7. Goods No Longer Required

Our returns policy is in accordance with Consumer Affairs SA and forms part of our Terms and Conditions of Sale.  According to Consumer Affairs SA website, you are not entitled to a refund if you:  

  • Change your mind - hopefully we can still help.
  • Find the goods cheaper elsewhere - in some circumstances we will refund the difference.
  • Problem with delivery arrival times - once goods leave our warehouse there is little we can do to speed up the process, but all goods are insured against loss.
  • Were aware of the relevant fault before buying the goods - these goods are not returnable.
  • Damaged the goods by misusing them - maybe we can get them repaired for a small amount.
  • Cannot provide proof of purchase, such as a receipt or bank statement - we have an electronic record of all sales so no issue.

If after the sale, you find that the goods do not meet an implied condition - in other words we said it would do certain things and it doesn't - so is not suitable for its intended purpose - see Point 4 above for more information - then this is a breach of the contract, so you are entitled to seek a ‘remedy’ of your choice, such as a:

  • Refund.
  • Repair.
  • Replacement (exchange).
  • Store credit (gift card or voucher).

Denis White A2V will refund at the customer’s request if the goods:

  • Are proven faulty – even if the fault only becomes apparent after reasonable use.
  • Are unfit for their usual purpose or any purpose specified at the time of sale - see Point 4 above.
  • Do not match their description, or quality of the sample provided at the time of sale.

Freight, delivery or installation costs are usually not refundable. Returned goods are legally your responsibility until signed for by us.

You will not be eligible for free delivery on your order if any items are cancelled or returned for a refund, bringing the total order amount below $99.

We will process any approved refund within 10 working days of fault verification for any returned item that has been paid by you or debited from your credit card.

The warranty offered is in addition to other rights and remedies offered under Australian consumer law.

Subject to Australian consumer law, Denis White A2V shall not be liable for any consequential damages sustained in connection with purchases, and Denis White A2V neither assumes nor authorises any representative or other person to assume for it any obligation or liability other than such as is expressly set forth herein.


Obviously we sell only top brands with proven track records when it comes to reliability and after-sales-service, so problems are minimal. Even so, we understand the frustration when something either doesn’t do what you expected or is faulty. We don’t want that to be your experience, so please call us as soon as you suspect a problem so that we can provide a satisfactory remedy asap.